[Aug 11] EasyJet pilot retracts flaps instead of gear after takeoff


Uh oh! On my B-Day! No!


@TopGrob93 Was this you?.


I am pretty sure that is @JoshFly8


As far as making a boo-boo goes, the A319 incident was a biggie. Good job it happened in the A319, which is somewhat overpowered.

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Haha no, not me

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Whoa, that’s a major slip-up, I can’t see how that came to be a thing. I usually have enough confidence in pilots to pull the right lever, apparently not this one.


The copilot was thinking on other stuff and touched what he wasn’t supposed to touch.

This is like what every pilot in IF does. Scary.


I once dropped full flaps when flying at 300kts. Never did that again though.

I wouldnt want to be passenger on this flight.

Why is it good it happened in an a319? At least it didn’t crash.

My oh my. Imagine the embarrassment of having to explain that to ATC.

ATC: Easyjet # is everything alright?
Pilot: Easyjet # accidently retracted flaps instead of gear.
ATC: Laughter in the background


This is an impossible thing to do, the landing gear retraction thing is far from where the flap retraction is.

Well, that sounds like something a Easy Jet pilot would do though.

They didn’t use the speed brake, thet raised the flaps.

Lol I made a mistake. Haha!

In the context that the A319 has a good power to weight ratio - even with de-rated engines. Hence a better chance of getting out of trouble in these kind of situations.

The 737-700, A319 and 757 are known for being quite sporty when the TOGA button is pressed and being able to power out of troublesome situations.

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oh no, stupid fatigue. the easyjet boss would be like


So an aircraft like a380 or would have crashed in this kind of situation right? I watched an Air crash investigation where a Boeing 727 pilot raised the flaps early and crashed I’m not sure it’s a 727 but I think.
Yeah 777’s and A380 they don’t just go up like an a318 would do when TOGA button is pressed.

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