Audio stopped mid flight

I’m currently mid flight and came back to my device to find the audio for Infinite Flight has stopped. I’m still flying perfectly normally but without any audio. It doesn’t appear to be a problem with my device as I’ve been able to play music through the control centre. Does anyone know how to resolve the issue ideally with out restarting my device or Infinite Flight so I don’t have to end my flight. My device is an iPad Mini 4. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you have headphones connected or more specifically Bluetooth headphones like airpods?

I did not to begin with, however I did connect AirPods to another device which might have become temporarily connected to my iPad. Currently I have Bluetooth switched off.

Ahhh yes that seems to be the case and I think I know what’s up. This is a known issue and the team is aware. Can you confirm that if you connect to a freq you can hear ATC audio and the only audio you can’t hear is environmental sounds and engine sounds?

I’m unable to connect to any ATC frequencies because of my location but I will be able to in just over 10 minutes.

Ok that’s fine. Well, sorry about the issue. To reassure you this is a known issue that the team is aware of. Hopefully we can find a fix soon. I agree this issue is a bit annoying but it is what it is. Really sorry about that.

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Okay, so should I just restart Infinite Flight when I land?

When you land if you restart the app it will be fine. :)

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Ahh okay thank you!

Of course. Glad I can help. Happy landings and sorry for the inconvenience again.

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Did you try to exit in and out of the app? Like if you hit the home button fast and then join back into Infinite Flight

I don’t know how to fix this problem. However this has happened to me and sometimes audio comes back randomly after some time. Exiting the app and joining back quickly has help multiple times for me.
Hope you can fix this!

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I’ve had problems like this before when using AirPods. I usually just turn Bluetooth off and on a again without leaving the app, that usually fixes the issue and can carry on flying without interruption.

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No, I’ve stayed on the app the entire flight

Ok - will try

I mean like try that to see if the sound comes back

unfortunately hasn’t worked

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Ok. Sorry about that. The issue will be fixed soon

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