"Audio only" loading of multiplayer Replay files

Device: Samsung S10
Operating system: Android 12

Hi! Id like to seek some advice for solving an issue regarding replay files.
I am currently unable to properly load any replays that were created in multiplayer flights. Before anyone asks, yes im aware you cant load ones for flights which start in non Pro areas, im not talking about those.
Whenever i try to load a replay, i get the usual loading screen, and nothing else. After some time i start hearing the ‘ambient noise’, so i know something is definitely loading in. Depending on the flight i sometimes even hear the start of an ATIS, or other airport frequency chatter, all while still staring at the loading screen. I think the issue is with the loading screen itself, as by tapping around the screen, i managed to fast forward the replay, and even take a screenshot once, so the replay UI is definitely there. I have tried testing, and i went as long as 20 minutes without loading anything. Upon clicking the ‘end session’ button, very briefly the loading screen dissapears, and i can see the terrain surface, but with minimal texture loading, and no airport textures being loaded.
Replays in question are from AUG22, when i last had Pro. Singleplayer replays made immediately after my Pro expired load just fine, new ones as well. This is also a relatively newer issue, as i was able to load the same replays in previous months, without Pro.

I might have a hint regarding what caused this, by linking this to another weird thing that happened - around the time the last update happened, i noticed my IF had basically returned to default, as if i had reinstalled it - all aircraft and liveries gone, all settings reset to default, control panel set to default, along with the other presets being reset. Idk if these are connected, but i thought its worth mentioning.

Also, it should be noted this exact issue is not new, as i remember Pro replays not loading this exact way at one point 1-2 years ago, before it was fixed.
I hope someone has a solution, tnx in advance!

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Thanks for making a detailed topic explaining the issue!

Can you send the replay file of one of those replays that don’t load via sharemyinfiniteflight.com? I can check if it works on my end or not, and if it doesn’t, I’m assuming the replay is probably corrupted.

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I’m facing the same issue but with only ERJ 175 replay files. Flights with aircrafts other than this one are working perfectly…

You can watch your previously done flights in Live Server even if you don’t have an active subscription in any areas.

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Here’s one of my previous ERJ175 flights:


Sure, ill try do it later today as soon as i have some extra time, tnx for the help!

@Crown.plane Are you sure? I was referring to the fact that i have the option to load Live Server flights, but only if they start in one of the non-Pro regions. For example i can try LIML-EDDM, since LIML is in a non Pro region, but cant try LIRF-LYBE, as LIRF is outside of the basic regions

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Hello @Ivan0921
How are you? Hope you’re doing well…
Actually i watched many Pro Flights in restricted regions like OERK, OJAI, OTHH, LTFM, EBBR, OEJN, OMDB and others. But lately I haven’t been able to watch any flight regardless of the region and aircraft’s type… I’m not sure why this issue happened although I can hit the REPLAY option but stuck on the loading screen…

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I’ll take a look at it later today, thanks!

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Pretty good, thanks for asking, right back at ya!

Care to show me your secret for doing that hahahah?
Yeah the actual loading screen appears to be the issue, quite weird. I dont know how widespread this “bug” is

Here is one of the replay files in question, hoping it works, this is my first time trying replay sharing hahahaha

@Crown.plane Yeah i cant open it, could be that im doing something wrong though. I get a pop-up saying the GPX file is corrupted or has missing or invalid data. It also for some reason opens up the Samsung Health app immediately after closing the pop-up, so this could just be an issue with my phone ;)

I also never got the “open with IF” option so idk anymore hahahah

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Hey Ivan… I believe it was a coincidence and i was lucky enough to have my previous replay flights opened without having an active subscription… I watched many; then suddenly all stopped working… I tried renewing my subscription just to check if there’s a relationship between Replay Files and being a PRO member and YES there is😨… All my Replay Files can now be opened without any problems 😤😤…

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Hahahaha, told ya. As far as i remember its basically because of a technical limitation - the app treats every replay as a “new flight”, or better to say “Session” as its called in the app. Consequently - in the same way IF doesnt let me load for a live flight into LIRF without Pro, it also wont let me load a replay starting in LIRF

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Hey, I just got a chance to check it out (11:56 PM for me rn), I’m able to load it just fine (I have a pro sub) so as you said it has to do with you not having a pro subscription when trying to access it earlier, which honestly kinda sucks that it’s restricted like that.

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That’s a weird issue because I’m able to fully open the replay just fine. The device I used is an iPhone XR.

Have you tried importing the replay on a different device? Are you positive it’s not because you don’t have pro?


The weird thing is that I was able to open many files without having a Pro Subscription but suddenly the good dream ended🤣🤣… Not a good idea from IF


Interesting… i will try another device when im able.

And yes, im sure it has nothing to do with not having Pro, at least all signs point to that. Last time i tried, around 2 months ago, i could open those replays just fine, even the one i sent above. The one above is the “normal” white colour since it starts in a non-Pro region, while others are greyed out - for example, i cant load the return leg of that flight, EDDM-LIML, since EDDM is not part of the Non-Pro regions (can also be observed in all other replays starting in LIRF,LOWW,OMDB,etc…)

Edit: adding in a photo to clarify what i meant with the colours ;)

Im still pretty sure its either something with my phone, or an issue with the loading screen, since as i said this has also happened in the past
In any case, tnx for the help!

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Hey there!

Thank you for the detailed report! This is quite an interesting issue - I have a suggestion as to what might be going on.

This part of your post is the key to why you’re experiencing this issue:

This probably happened whenever you updated to 22.8 - there were user reports of the app getting reset (i.e. all aircraft being deleted from the device and needing to be downloaded again, settings and status bar reset) in the 22.8 thread, with the only thing left untouched being the replays.

I checked the replay you sent above (LIML-EDDM, in which you flew a CRJ1000, a subscription-only aircraft) on a device with an active subscription, and on one without a sub and a clean installation of IF (getting it as close as possible to your scenario and replicating it). The replay loaded fine on the device with a subscription (meaning this was not an issue with the replay file itself), however, on the device without a sub, the replay did not load - I fully reproduced what you described. I saw the UI load for a split second through the loading screen and was later able to interact with it, however, the replay never fully loaded.

As a test, I also tried starting an online flight in a free aircraft within one of the free regions and opening the replay on the non-pro device - it loaded fine, leading me to the conclusion below.

If you’re trying to load a replay with a pro-only aircraft which hasn’t been downloaded to your device (e.g. you reimport the replay after you reinstall IF, or the aircraft got cleared from your device for some reason, as in your case), the replay won’t load because in order to do so, it’d have to download the non-pro aircraft - which it can’t do, because you don’t have an active subscription. If it can’t download your aircraft, it most probably can’t load anything else properly, leaving you stuck on the loading screen.

To sum it all up, it’s not an issue with your replay file, nor with your device - it’s simply got to do with the fact you’re trying to load a replay with a pro-only aircraft that’s not downloaded on your device. The solution to your problem would be to download all aircraft you may need for replays once you have a subscription again. I honestly doubt there’d ever be a way to download pro-only aircraft without an active subscription, even if it’s just for replays, but you never know - it’d be great if the devs made it work at some point.

Hope this helped you!


Daaaaamn, thats some top tier use of logic!!!
It makes perfect sense now, thanks for the explanation!