Audio issues

I went to go fly some planes but I was getting no Audi, so I went to check my settings but the in game audio settings are at max- my device isn’t on silent- and my device volume is max. I went on to YouTube to test it and that had audio, I went back to infinite flight, and it was still broken- plz help

iPhone 13 pro max:
IOS 16.1:


I would recommend going into your Online settings, selecting another voice, and then re selecting the one you had previously. Also, have you tried restarting your device and seeing if it solves it? That typically solves these issues.

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same thing happened to me but Idk what it’s

That’s a muted device.
Toggle the mute switch on the to left of your device :)

Hey thanks I think that worked I powers of my devices and turned it back on then I changed airports so idk what worked but thanks!

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I am happy to hear that your issue was solved. And that I helped in any way.

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