Audio issue (IOS)

So, just competed a 13 hour flight.

For the first 10 or so hours I had all audio (engines, ATC, seat belt sounds etc). However, after about 10 or so hours everything stopped. No audio whatsoever. Around 11 hours I regained ATC audio, however all other audio wasn’t working.

The rest of the audio stopped working from there on.

Is this a ongoing issue, or something that’s crept up very recently.

Thanks 😊



This is an issue that happens when you get some sort of full-screen notification; this can be composed of calls, messages, or video call requests. A quick solution to this is to exit the application briefly (without closing the application) and then coming back in. Your sound should be completely restored. 🙂



So, I restarted my phone and logged back in, still no audio. I then deleted and reinstalled the app, but no luck.

I’m using the 777-300, so I decided to load up into another aircraft, and all audio was working.

I logged out and back into the 777-300 and still no audio. I’ve tried a few other aircrafts, which they all work.

Seems like a audio issue with the 777-300 currently.

Is your phone on silent?

No it’s not on silent.

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Is this the first time you have experienced this?

Yes. First time.

It’s quite strange really. Every other aircraft has no issues with its audio. Just the 777-300

I see you said you restarted your device. Since that did not fix the issue I have a few things to make sure before I recommend a reinstall.

  • Make sure your volume is up and notification sounds are up etc.
  • Also is it only the plane noise or is it ATC aswell.
  • Is IF fully updated?

This usually happens if you log out of the app or switch apps. A simple app restart worked for me and making sure that my volume was turned up. It happens when you are logged out or away from the app.

I just encountered this issue a couple of minutes ago. I did not get a notification on my iPad. This isn’t the first time. I don’t know how to prevent it.

I would like help to know how to prevent the audio from cutting out suddenly

Did you receive a notification that caused your app to go to the pause menu?

No, I did not receive a notification that made my IF go into the pause menu

Ok so the audio just cut?

Yes, the audio suddenly cut out

Is your volume turn all the way up? Is silent mode activated?

Silent mode is not activated and my audio is all the way up

I need to know alittle more info before I give you a possible solution.

  • Device Type
  • OS and Version

Ok, let me check my OS version right now

My device type is a Ipad Pro 3rd generation. OS is 14.4