Audio freezing on iPhone 6

With this new update, my audio tends to freeze and then continue frequently, it gets very annoying and I was wandering if there was a fix for it?


I would just restart your device, it’s a big update and might need a new start.

I have restarted it and it still the audio stutters every 11-15 seconds.

Maybe the phone can’t handle it. Can you turn down your graphics?

It’s only the audio that freezes, gameplay is still smooth.

Delete and redownload the app.

My iphone 6s is definitely having issues after the update. Ive had to turn down all of my settings. Once i did, it seemed to be fine after that (unfortunately).

8+ is fine with full settings.

iOS 13 is a memory hog and is most likely the cause of issues like this. For now as suggested above, lowering your settings at the home screen and ensuring that your device has the latest iOS version installed are the best options available. The rapid pace of mobile device technological advancement forces older devices out of the market. The manufacturers have their ways of pushing consumers to their newer sales line.

iPhone 6 haven’t recieved iOS 13 yet, we only have 12.4.4

@Levet I have updated my device and my audio no longer freezes and I can run the app longer without it crashing, thanks.

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We’ll see you in the skies, thanks again!

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