Audio cut off

Hey, i am writing this just to have a look if its just me experiencing this issue.

It has happened quite a few times recently where my audio on infinite flight has just cut off randomly.This ranges from controlling to being on final to LHR, i was very unfortunate to have it cut off on final today leading to a silent and hard landing😔.

I have the IPad PRO 2018 model so it works pretty well, however this is the only issue i have experienced i have had with Infinite Flight. This isn’t a rant as i accept IF isn’t perfect, but could anyone suggest any ideas of what it could be?

Many Thanks,


Hi Kyle - i have the same model iPad - I’ve also experienced this twice - though it’s probably completely unrelated. The audio connected to my airpods and i didn’t realise… The first time i had to land without sound but the second time i knew what happened and disconnected them quickly. So check that your ipad isn’t connected to any other bluetooth audio device when it happens. If not then i can’t help sorry😬


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