Audio cut off

I’m flying an 8 hour long haul on a 2018 iPad Pro 2.7 inch (it doesn’t have a ringer silenter, the only way to change volume is with the volume control) and the audio suddenly cut out. There was nothing that happened abnormal to have caused this, I wasn’t called on the iPad, there wasn’t a message that was displayed on-screen, the audio just shut off. I can’t hear the engines. I can’t test ATC because I’m in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I did just test the Seat Belts & No Smokes and they did not make any sound. I have IF Assistant and IF Ops as background apps, and IF Assistant has cockpit callouts, so I just tested the spoilers and there was no sound, so I don’t know what to do. How do I get the audio back?

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This is an issue I’ve had on my 2018 iPad Pro as well. Sound will cut off even with the ringer on. Only way that works for me to get it back is to completely quit and reboot Infinite Flight. Not sure why this happens.


Well, I don’t have a ringer. I guess I’ll just finish the flight without audio.

No, I mean with the ringer button in control center, not the physical button. My ipad gets other sounds (such as notifications) but won’t play anything from IF. I’ve tried toggling the ringer, and no difference. Having a physical ring switch doesn’t matter in this situation.

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This was a problem with the iPad, not the app.

Never has. The problem was solved 5 hours ago. No need for another solution when there already is one that worked and made sense.