Auckland to Sydney

Do let me know the angles through which i can be more perfect with my pics.
Also this flight was awesome as i was a bit late to reach the runway trying to go for autoland so toon manual control of the flight at nearly 700 feet and got a good landing if not great.
Thanks All


Wait are you the guy I saw earlier in a 747 on casual server? At around like 6pm

And welcome to the community

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Wow so nice. You were in which airline plane?


Some nice photos, there, and a cool sunset in two of them too.

Also, welcome to the community, @MJMN! Just reply (or PM) me, or anyone on the IFC if you need anything, we’re all happy to help!

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thank you brother. surely will contact you if need any sort of information.

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@MJMN I was in a Qantas 737

Nice shots! Love the first one, although it could be brightened up a bit.

Nice pics, that sunset one is real cool.

Is that you in that screenshot of my 747 with another 737 of qantas?

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no I saw you while I was flying

Oh ok great.