Auckland to doha (worlds longest flight) on IF


Lining up on runway at Auckland

Positive rate, gear up!

Leaving New Zealand

Another longhouler doing another super long haul route

Entering Arabian peninsula


Hard landing:))



Nice photos, did you try to do the flight like in real life?


No I haven’t done that route in real life but i have done Dubai to Auckland


You just made the longest flight shorter than real life by flying across UAE… but still cool pictures. I like them, although flying realistically would make it longer, that is to fly around UAE, passing north of it and through Iranian Airspace.


That was the actaull flight plan I got from simbrief but edited it because I though I was gonna have fuel shortage.when i was over the Indian ocean I had 120kts headwind and was low on fuel


I think Qatar Airways deploy the 777-200LR on this route 😉 … Nice photo by the way


I am fan of the b788 lol


Worlds longest flight? Hmmm…

Great pictures 👍


788 is not made for those ultra long hauls😂 try 789 or 777-200LR next time maybe


Explained why I was nearly down on fuel…i didn’t know that so thx


Fuel Shortage… hmm, that wouldn’t happen to if you ola accordingly even using the B788 on this route. Flown it a few times, with the 77L though but had hours of fuel left and the same would go for the 787-8 as it also has a very long range. Also with less koad factor you could save even more fuel.


Mine was almost on full load:)


That might be the reason why the B788 on particular may not make it…


try the 777-200LR next its the actual Aircraft that do this flight,. i did this flight before it was perfect and i wasn’t low on fuel, have fun ^_^

check out the information here:


AKL-DOH is not the world’s longest flight as of 5 months ago - when SIN-EWR overtook it


Guess it’s the ex-worlds longest flight then


It is the longest one you can do in IF currently with all realistic procedures. But SIN-EWR which many have done is possible in other aircraft too :)