Auckland to doha flight

good day everyone im trying to do the doha to auckland flight which is a 15+ hour flight the normal aircraft they used is the 777-200LR

so curious if the range is gonna make it or should i use a different aircraft, do i need to do less passengers or more fuel or do i need to do something else, if this one goes thru ill do the newark to singapore or dubai to LA next


It will make it 🙂

Welcome to the community! You can use websites like Infinite Flight FPL Converter
where you can choose your aircraft and route and it will automatically calculate your cruising altitude your flightplan (After inserting into IF I would check over it once because sometimes it adds unnecessary waypoints at the other end of the world) and your weight and the fuel for you! @Jerome_Ocena

oh great hoping for this ill try thanks

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i have done the flight many times i would recomend that you only take fuel for this flight to increase peformance.

When you’re doing ultra long hauls flights like 16hrs+, I would recommend using the step climb procedure. This process involves pilots flying at lower cruise altitudes until they burn off enough fuel to climb to the next highest cruise altitude for their route. Here’s an example as to how I would do this route.

So let’s break the flight (Auckland - Doha) into 4 segments/legs (where each leg represents 4 hours)

Leg 1: FL320 / M.84 (Flight Time = 0-4hrs)

Leg 2: FL340 / M.84 (Flight Time = 4-8hrs)

Leg 3: FL360 / M.84 (Flight Time = 8-12hrs)

Leg 4: FL380 / M.84 (Flight Time = 12-16hrs)

What you can see above is that after every 4hrs till I reach Doha, I climb to a higher altitude. What this does is that when the aircraft gets lighter and you proceed to climb, it helps improve the fuel flow and enhance fuel efficiency, hence resulting in a sufficient amount of leftover fuel upon arrival into Doha.

This is how I would do it but you can also break it into however many segments you want. Have fun flying the route @Jerome_Ocena


gotcha ill give a try thanks

you diagram is almost the same on flightradar24 its starts climbing on 320 then when it reach the last leg its on 380 this is so much information thanks and ill do it

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I just want to jump in to say how great it is seeing everyone share valuable information to get @Jerome_Ocena going. Good luck on your flight :)


Have fun, a doozy of a flight that is but after doing so many long hauls the satisfaction after touchdown is the best feeling

Have a great flight!


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