Auckland on a hazy day 22/04/22

Recently at Auckland Int’l Airport!

First spotting topic 🥳
Just a number of shots from one of my most recent spotting trips at Auckland.


Sony DSC H400
My dads tool box to stand on
cookie time cookies

Face to face with one of the many China Airlines A350s, this one being registerd B-18907.

A diffrent kind of view of a 787 this time being from China Sourthern arriving from Cangzhou as CSN305.

A shiny clean A320 departs 05R bound for Christchurch!

VH-VFL getting pushed from its gate.

ZK-NZF pulling of A3 from Sydney

Last but not least ZK-NZC climbing out bound for upside down land 🇦🇺

Hope you all liked them and leave you opinions or tips down below :)
Till next time 👋


Magnificent pictures! The first is stunning :D

Fantastic photos! Love the CAL A350 and CSN 787!

Wow! Nice spotting!

Awesome photos!!! 🤩

Amazing photos, well taken!

Toolbox reveal when?

Its my favourie :)


Glad you like them!

knew you would like some of them! 😏

Thanks you!

When I go back tommorow 😌


Now this is content. Amazing photos! It must be tiring to plane spot on top of your dad’s toolbox

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Its honestly a hazard. Can feel my feet slipping of the sides, haha!

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For a first time, Nice job Ben!

My favorite is probably the first or last one. Keep it up, can’t wait to see more!

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I love those shots ! ;)


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