Auckland International Airport 'A let down'

A Singapore Airlines Boss has said that flying into Auckland Airport is a letdown. This comes after Philip Goh, Singapore Airlines South Pacific Regional Vice President, said that after investing 2 Billion dollars into their new cabin, but airports around this region are a disappointment. Singapore Airlines, which currently flies 21 times a week in Auckland International, is working with Auckland Airport to improve its facilities. Auckland Airport, however, has hit back, saying that the amount of growth its seen over the past couple of decades has taken the airport by surprise.

Auckland Airport blames the growth from 15 Million passengers to 20 Million passengers in 4 years as the cause of the blame for the outdated and out of touch facilitys, however, Goh said that they have underinvested their facilities for years while providing their shareholders with 100% profit. Mike Hosking, a radio producer called Auckland Airport a national embarrassment & New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacdina Aerdern, said “There is room for Improvement” In a QnA session she did on TV, when asked about the state of Auckland Airport.

Good News for NZAA, Auckland Airport is currently investing 1 million dollars (NZD) a day to ensure that they are meeting standards and making everything a lot nicer for travelers, with updated facilities. The new and improved airport, which would include a New Runway, More gates for International and Domestic Flights, and much more is due to be completed in 2040. Along with better Public Transportation, which between 2018 & 2022 is an estimated cost of 4.5billion NZD.


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