Auckland - Guangzhou Baiyun

Today I was bored so I decided I’d fly from Auckland to Guangzhou with the A330!

Route: AKL-CAN
Server: Solo
Duration: 11hr 41M
Aircraft: CZ A330-300

Loading up at Auckland

Departing Auckland smoothly

Crushing 34,000ft over Papua New Guinea

On Final Approach to Guangzhou Baiyun

Slight Butter Landing🧈

Unloading at Guangzhou Baiyun

Thank you for viewing these photos! What one was your favourite?

Fun fact: Guangzhou Baiyun was the busiest Airport in 2020 during the pandemic!


Awesome photos!

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Nice photos, my most favorite aircraft and airport


Thank you @G_Captain! Guangzhou is also one of my favourite airports

Thanks @Noah_Wills !

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Papua New Guinea And the photo at cruise altitude at 34,000 feet is my favorite.

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Love the fun fact 😏. Nice shots tho love the landing photo!

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Thank you @Adventures!! The fun fact was pretty interesting

Awesome shots! I’m flying to Guangzhou right now.

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Thanks @CHUNGUSflys! where from?

I actually just landed, but I was flying in from Chongqing on the China southern 787-8

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Interesting flight you got there👀