Auckland Ground Timelapse

Welcome back to another topic of mine, glad you’ve decided to click! Just a note before I get started with my session breakdown, I’d like to say that I will probably adopt a biweekly uploading schedule, as it works very well for me, and it allows me to put out the most high quality timelapses possible, also due to the poll in my last topic.

To start with, it was a pretty good session! I logged onto my computer today and noticed that, at one point, Auckland had reached upwards of 170 inbounds, that’s crazy. I knew it’d be prime traffic levels for an ATC timelapse, and look where we are, haha. As for the session itself, it was pretty good, not much to note besides the fact that mid way through, we had to initiate a gate hold because of the shear amount of departures that were piling up. Didn’t cause too many complications though, a quick 5 minute wait for aircraft that called in for pushback, then they were on their way again, you probably can’t even notice it in the timelapse. Auckland has an interesting layout so it definitely made it interesting, overall, not many incursions occurred with my plan, so win for me! Here’s what the plan looked like :

Tower Controller : @Ray_Wang

Thanks for your help, you really did an awesome job squeezing people in where possible, well done!

Radar Controllers : @Enrique_Fernandez + @Olivier999

You guys did a magnificent job, amazing work setting up that door and getting people in as quickly and smoothly as possible!


Any support on this topic is greatly appreciated, have a nice day!


Definitely was a nice session, thanks for your help Shane!


Yes ! NZAA ground was extremely busy today when I controlled it earlier.

Looks like you bossed it though, nice work !

Thank you as well! Let me know if you want me to get a timelapse of your awesome work on approach too! 😜

Yeah, was a bit tough, but we always come out from it. Thanks for the support!


Just out of interest, do you control on the black screen with just the radar, or use the tower views as well ?

I’ve seen people do both, but I can never seem to trust the black screen, planes just seem to look further away from each other than they actually are for me 😂

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I could neeeeeeeeeever control with just the black screen. Like you said, it makes things look much more spread apart than they actually are so I would miss tons of incursions. Besides, I don’t mind a bit of plane spotting when there isn’t much movement. 😉


Haha yes, nothing wrong with a bit of spotting from the tower when there’s nothing to do 😉

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🤩 Love these! Keep em coming!

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Love it as usual! Controlling right after you was super intense but amazing!

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Wow, it was truly amazing how I managed to get that done😂 and probably won’t ever review all this again after if wasn’t because of you made this video, very very thankful for all the work you have done,

Just for the record, after seeing this,really have a great sense of accomplishment. Again, thanks for the help 😉

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Wow that was so smooth! Great to watch! Well done mate!

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I saw my self in the timelapse yayay
Great one


This is so cool to see. Luckily @Ray_Wang knows how to expedite deps. It was such a close call everytime!!


I would love to see a timelapse of approach. How do make them?
I can send the replay of my session as final approach there if you want, altough that’s not as exciting as initial appr.