Auckland Fuel Shortage @ YSSY - 210200ZJUL18

The Qantas Virtual Group delivers fuel to Auckland!



image Auckland Fuel Crisis!

Due to a jet fuel shortage in Auckland, we need to help top up Jetstar Virtual and Qantas Virtual aircraft. We’ll be operating the Qantas Virtual Boeing 747 and Jetstar Virtual Boeing 787 carrying aviation fuel to Auckland, New Zealand.

Once the aircraft arrive in Auckland, the aircraft, nicknamed the ‘fuel mules’, will make the transfer using special hoses that we’ll be freighting in to Auckland. To complete these, aircraft will be parked side by side to complete the transfer as quickly as possible!

The Boeing 747 and the Boeing 787 will siphon about 75,000kgs of fuel by tankering in fuel from Australia (as well as other measures) we’ll be able to minimise the impact to Qantas Virtual and Jetstar Virtual members.

image Flight Information

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport [YSSY]

Time: Saturday, July 21, 2018 2:00 AM

Aircraft: Boeing 747-4 Boeing 787-8
Livery: Qantas Livery Jetstar Livery

Bay Aircraft Pilot
1-08 Boeing 747-4 @Pilot_urp
1-09 Boeing 747-4 @Rodrigo_Villalobos
1-10 Boeing 747-4
1-24 Boeing 747-4
1-25 Boeing 747-4
1-30 Boeing 787-8 @Cameron_Stone
1-31 Boeing 787-8 @Adam_S
1-32 Boeing 787-8 @ADDY28
1-33 Boeing 787-8 @TheFlyingKiwi
1-34 Boeing 787-8

Bays may change depending on interests

image NOTAM:

  • Help us deliver the fuel to Auckland during the ongoing fuel crisis by attending and bringing fuel across the Tasman!

  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX), all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!


image Flightplan:


YSSY EVONN 3434S/15322E GEROS WALTZ ESKEL LUNBI 3712S/17208E ARADI 3708S/17342E 3707S/17354E 3706S/17407E 3706S/17419E LENGU NZAA
(subject to change)


I plan on attending as of now. Sign me up for a 787 and I’ll let you know if plans change

I’ll fly the 787. I’m not completely sure if I can come but just put me down for now…

I’ll fly the 788 sign me up!

Wow what a unique way to make up an event .Even better u got multiple options to use on the table .Man nobody showin any love for the 744
U got me in , I’m taking the Qantas 744

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Sign me up for the 787-8 😊

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Can you sign me for the 747-4

I am the best at flying
these plane.

You don’t drive planes silly… you fly them

How they register you.

Tag me If i don’t show up plz I may forget

Can I please have a gate for the 747-4 :)

Everyone spawn into your assigned gate now!

Spawn in 1 minute please.

Wow I thought the event was taking place on Sunday 😭

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Same here! @TheFlyingKiwi

Oh shoot I completely misunderstood the time. It was 3am for me there was no way I could make it

Assuming there might be anyone from the U.S. interested… what is the E.D.T. conversion time !!!

I strongly doubt the validity of your assumption…and where is @Callum_Brayshaw at !!!

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