Auckland confusion

I’m a bit confused because I’m not sure why the runways at Auckland (05R and 23L) have the right and left if there is only one runway at the airport. Also, I saw a lot of videos where there are 2 runways at Auckland in IF. Is this a bug or something? Is it like that in real life? I wanna know!


Yes, it’s like in real life. Auckland had 2 runways in the past, but one of them (05L/23R) was changed to a taxi way.


No. That’s the runway that exists right now.

Whoops, made a little mistake there. Read it again. :)

And here’s another topic about the runway at NZAA.

Starley is probably right.
If you look closely at the portion of taxiway to the left of 05R’s threshold (in Satellite view, Google Maps), you can see a faint outline of pavement arrows as an area that looks like it’d be used for back-taxiing (even though back-taxiing wouldn’t ever be necessary on a taxiway).

[edit: that taxiway is also mostly-outlined in white, which is very similar to runway-boundary white lines.]

They should’ve changed the runway numbers.

oh really that;s fun to know

Any complaints should be referred to the airport editing team.

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