Auckland ATC

Whoever is on Auckland Approach right now your killing it, keep
It up!


@Trio nice job!


That’s great to hear! You should be able to see his IFC name in the nametag as well in game (if it’s on Expert). I’m sure he’d be happy to hear this via PM. A compliment is always nice. And while your appreciation is surely appreciated, a PM would also keep the public categories cleaner 😊

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Or you can post it in #atc
Not always necessary to PM.


Thank you! Tower and ground were doing a great job as well, @KC3DLL and @RiKowalSkipper, team effort. :)


Great job guys(even though I’m still ghosted) :(

Great job, liked the many turns and how well it looked in the map

Ethan doing a great job atm.
Got to love the Auckland approach. Very scenic.

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