Auckland Approach Timelapse

Hello everyone, today I bring to you my first timelapse. This was one of my favorites sessions so I wanted to share it with the whole Infinite Flight Community.

I controlled for more than 3 hours Initial Approach, NZAA had a lot of inbounds so we planned a door at the north of the airport. I hope you enjoy this timelapse as it is very special for me.


Airport: Auckland International Airport
Date: 2020-10-28T06:00:00Z


Thanks to everyone who controlled with me, it would not have been possible without your help. I can’t remember all the controllers but I would love to tag all here, if you controlled with me please comment here or PM me.

Final Approach:



Watch Shane´s Ground Timelapse: Auckland Ground Timelapse


This looks so cool! Single runway ops are difficult but so much fun.

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Cool video! I watched the ground one too, and I saw it was hard to get every plane in the air. I bet 60% percent of takeoffs were immediate requests.

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Yup, probably. In these kind of situations approach tries to put exactly enough space between the planes to allow 1 airplane to takeoff in the meantime.