Auckland Airport stormy day spotting (320,380,777)

For my birthday I went to Auckland International airport to do some plane spotting here are some of my photos

Air New Zealand Dash struggling slightly in the wind

Air New Zealand A320 on final

Emarites A380

A380 as it approached

Thai airways 777-300 waiting to depart to Bangkok

Air New Zealand A320 in the distance

Air New Zealand A320 next to smaller friend

Air New Zealand A320

Thai 777-300

Air Tahiti A340

Air New Zealand dash


Thai 777 with Air New Zealand ATR in background

Please do not use photos without permission


Great photos! If you are wanting feedback on your photos, please PM me :). Can’t wait to see more photos!


Thanks I have posted some more

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Thats not an atr, its a dash 8 :) love the photos tho!! The “smaller friend” is an atr

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The pictures look great! It’s nice seeing planes I do not normally come across on an average day!

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Auckland is hella windy today and wet I’m surprised the Smaller aircraft survived.

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Is the first anz a320 missing a sharklet or do i have bad eyesight

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Not full plane in shot :)

Oh, ok. Looked weird.

Wait which photo are you talking about

First New Zealand A320

Yeah I just noticed it looks like the left one is missing lol it’s just blending in with the grey cloud if you look closely you can see it :)

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That is a Q300, much smoother and gear retracts from engine-box.

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Yeah made a mistake there got them mixed up

I love it when people personificate airplanes😂


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