Auckland Airport Beautiful day A380,787-8/9,Airbus A350,Convair Air 580 + more

This time i bought my camera on a beautiful day in Auckland

Ask for permission if you want to use please

Thai 777-300 with a 737-800 Qantas and a Air NZ atr

Airbus A330 fiji airways followed by a Thai 777-300 and a Qantas 737-800

A photo that shows the growth of Auckland Airport

Air NZ atr and Fiji Airways A330

Watch out behind you ATR

Jetstar NZ family

Wingflex!!! 787-8 American

Cathay Pacific A350-900 :)

Modern Birds :)


More modern birds :)

A380 !!

Wing Flex !!

Birds !!!

Old prop plane next to the new

Old Bird :)

PSG Livery :)

Birds of a different type

Intimidating A380

Powerful Bird

Air NZ regional Family (apart from Dash-8!)

777-300 chasing!

Regional Opposites








Wow, these are some simply stunning images overall!


Beautiful Cathay A350, definitely my favorite by far !


I love the Cathay A350 and Singapore 77W shots! Looks awesome <3

I wonder why SIA doesn’t use their 388 to AKL anymore as they have alot of spare A388s atm. Anyway, May I know what lens and camera did you use?


i think it was because they retired some of the older a380

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PSG A380, reminds me of something πŸ€”

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9V-SKA hasn’t been retired yet. Although lately I noticed that many SIA 388s got grounded at SIN

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I know it’s a football team, it reminds me when PSG lost to Barca 6-1. Anyway back on topic

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Wow! Wish I was in NZ right now! The greenery, plus your photos make it truly spectacular!


Heading up to AKL for a spotting trip Aug 5. Love the spotting location where ya grabbed these

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Really beautiful! Looks like a lovely day for spotting down there at Auckland! Ive seen that A350 only once @NZAA (The only time in my entire life)

I like the first few photos the best πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ

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Nice photos! I prefer the A350 photos

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Nice Pictures Beautiful AirPlanes!

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Love the CX A350 so much !!!

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Those pictures were insane!

By the look of things your ISO settings is too high causing the noise that is very noticeable on some of the shots- On a day like this you only need to use ISO 100, or possibly lower than that if your camera can. Alter the shutter speed and aperture to get a nice lighting condition.

What camera do you use?


Some great shots once again featuring great aircraft.

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These are amazing shots!

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I am pretty sure someone shared an article here on the forum regarding SIA and their leased A380’s under which the lease may not be renewed. If I find the article I will PM you. On another note, these shots are amazing. My favorite was definitely the one with a different type of bird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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Wow. Those are really good. You should upload them to Jetphotos or something.
Did you get to see any LATAM 789?
My favourite shot is the Fiji and ATR one.

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