Auburn Aviation Experience


Over the past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to join onto one of Auburn Universities summer aviation camps. I meant to write about this earlier, but I completely forgot. So, instead of writing my IAs for IB (iykyk), i’ll do this instead.

The camp was 5 nights, 6 days in June, and we got to do some awesome things that ill share below. It was truly one of the most interesting weeks of my life.

Day 1:

Day 1 started with an early bus to the Auburn regional airport, specifically to the building Delta built for Auburn there. Inside is classrooms, offices, and simulators that are all used by staff and students. The building is where all planning and meetings for professional flight students occurs, and Auburns fleet of aircraft is just outside.

All day, we rotated through the many things to do which included learning how to plan a flight, using the simulators, flying around with a student pilot, and using the VR. I will go into each of these a little more.

The Delta building has around 6 or 7 small engine simulators, I cannot remember what they were, which we got to fly around on a bunch. Then, everyone got a turn on the A320 simulator that was given by Delta. We were instructed by a lady who had flown up to the 767 with Delta. On this simulator, we took off from ATL, circled around, and landed again. Some groups even got to try the DCA river visual. A picture from the simulator is below:


When not on the simulator, most people got to play around with the VR headsets. On them was a program that trains pilots on how to do the preflight checks and procedures. We could even connect with another person and be captain and copilot. Super Cool! The headset was even the same Oculus that I have at home.


The other thing we got to do in the Delta building was actually go fly around with a student pilot. I didn’t get to go up on the first day because of weather, but I did the second, and it was awesome. Getting to see the campus from above was something I might never get to do again and was so cool. We flew for around 20 minutes and then came back to let another group go.


Day 2:

Day 2 was very much in my top 10 days of existence on this earth. We got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Atlanta where we drove onto the tarmac and around the airport. We went around the end of the south runways and parked right at the ramp out to runway 10. We walked up a hill and just watched planes for a while, the view being here:


We then drove over to the E concourse where we parked and walked inside. All of our names were already checked by TSA, and we ended up in the actual passenger terminal, which was funny. We got to go up in the concourse E ground tower and stayed up for a while just asking questions.


Then, we got bussed over to Delta TechOps for a facilities tour. We got to go all over, and even inside a 757 (The other group went in a 767 too… unfair). Ill just leave the pictures here because it was truly so awesome.


After TechOps, we drove down about 30 minutes to the Atlanta Center ATC station. We could not even take our phones into the building, so I don’t have much for that, but it was really cool to see. A high paying job but they had some whack hours. After that we drove back to Auburn for the day.

Day 3:

Day 3 consisted of a few things. First was a lesson with the agriculture college and we got to see how they use drones to map out farmland. Then they gave us a demonstration which was cool. Next, we got a tour of the aerospace engineering building. Cool but I don’t have any pictures from it.

We then drove out to Tuskegee to go through the museum there.


On the way back to campus, we went to the FBO at Auburn Regional Airport and got to take a look at the 2 private jets the university keeps taking around their highest importance people. They are kept in their own hanger and have to be ready to fly within an hour at all times, just in case.

Day 4:

I explained all of day 4 in day 2. These days were identical we just did different stations in the Delta building on each.

Day 5:

Day 5 consisted of just hanging around in Auburn, and many people left with their parents from there. I however, took a shuttle back to ATL to fly home. I will put in a picture just for fun but it was cool to see all the facilities that we had just been behind the scenes on.


Moral of the story is that if you are a high school student interesting in aviation, GO TO THIS CAMP. The registration last year opened on Dec 1, and filled in 10 minutes for both sessions. Auburn has been my top college since elementary school and if I don’t get into any of my reaches, I really can’t see myself anywhere else next year. Let me know if you have any questions, and WAR EAGLE!

*Also sorry the format of this is so boring I made it in Word and I dont know how to use the fancy stuff on here



Neat tour! Sounds like it was well worth the visit!


It was awesome! Great experiences the whole time.

I toured Auburns Aviation in August, and to be honest it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Nowhere near the amount of planes/facilities of some other colleges. However, I also toured the school and went to one of Auburns football games which was really cool.

The campus is absolutely beautiful, but safe to say I won’t be attending school there for aviation.

Nonetheless, it looks like you had an awesome experience and one that I would totally jump to go attend.


For me it’s more that I want the big school experience, with or without aviation. Auburn and Baylor are the only schools I applied to with aviation out of 11. I also am going to do management, not pro flight so that changes things too.

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I did a similar thing but it was in Dayton Ohio called aircamp years ago.

My current favorites are

  1. Oklahoma University (OU)
  2. Baylor
  3. Purdue

All 3 are pretty big schools with pro flight and beautiful campuses.

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so lucky you got a clean window on your 757

i sat in that exact same area on the 757 and mine was so scuffed and dirty


I was here a month ago! Stellar program they have over there. May see myself there in about a year or so 👀

War eagle 🦅


Ah yes. Baylor is my number 2 when im not looking at my reach schools. I didnt even look at Perdue or OU though but I know those arent my places.

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I have always gotten lucky on the 757. I fly them all the time too because of the JAX-ATL frequency on them.

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Is that their mascot?


Battle cry is how they define the term. Official mascot is a tiger.


OU is by far my favorite. I’m flying back up there in January for the third time. 😂

The most beautiful campus I’ve seen out of the 9 colleges I’ve toured so far. Their aviation isn’t great, but within the next couple of years they are planning on getting a completely new fleet and simulators.

Of course, nothing beats flying SWA’s B737 sim, but it seems pretty impressive.


And they love shouting it at football games. 😂

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Cool! considering that Auburn is near my mom’s old home, I could try out once I get of age!

@Mort getting educated on Alabama teams

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pretty sure the blue should be black, right?

Why did I think it was in Georgia?

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Nope, Orange and Blue

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