au revoir Paris, see you around!

As many of you know, yesterday was the last KPIT-LFPG flight, the aircraft did return here toda, but I could not see it unfortunately. So here’s some pictures from yesterday. And one final good bye to the longest standing trans Atlantic flight since US Airways pulled out…

But first, a few other spots from the day…

WOW! that’s a cool plane! 😂

United ERJ-170 (Chicago)

United 737-700 (NYC)

Delta MD-90 (Atlanta)

American ERJ-175 (Philadelphia)

Southwest 737-700 (Baltimore) @Plane-Train-TV

au revoir (Bye) Paris, it was nice having you around all these years, I’ll miss you! 😢

Hard to have a bad day when you spent an hour an a half planespotting, but this came close… 😕


Which did you like best so I can improve for the future?

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This is actually an E175 (the new winglets); Although, top-notch photos, and we will miss this Paris route, must be hard for you.


My home airport KIND just recently started a nonstop to Paris with the b767, I guess we stole the route from you…


🤬 👿😡😠🤯

That’s not nice of you! 😂

(All in good fun, not up to either of us, no hard feelings…)


Don’t feel bad. Here at ORD we never got the announced DL London Service. Thankfully AF made their Paris service year around on the 77W so it doesn’t really matter that we lost DL to Paris also.

Delta belly MD-90!! Nice shots!


Sad to see it go. Guess you have to fly to KCVG or KIND to get to LFPG. 😊

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I love how everyone is choosing #9 for the best photo 😜🤷🏼‍♂️😂

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Ya, that would be a lot better if I had some zoom…

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Anyware but there! 😂

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Here I come LaGarbage! 😂

How could you tell that was Delta? 🤔😂 Its sarcasm.

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Flight Radar 24, and the fact that they are the only MD-90 operater to KPIT…

Oh, ya, and the letters on the bottom! 😂

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Wow. I have never seen a United 737-700 anywhere! Even here at DEN, a major hub for United!


They have been operating PIT-EWR for a few months now, but that’s the only place I have seen them too! Surprised me a bit the first time I saw it on the arrival board…

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Or you could coonect to, Keflavik, Toronto, Newark, JFK, Montreal, Washington Dulles, or Boston, then go to Charles de Gaulle. Or if you want to be that person and go to Orly then you can go to JFK or
La Guardia… So Boom Cbro4


But you might have to come here to get to China, I call that a bigger deal…

Or I could go though Frankfurt, London, or Reykjavik, some of the other Europe flights, more or less I have a lot of non Cincinnati options…

No gonna lie I just went on google flights.

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