Atw: klax-kden

We start to carry out a project ATW my maiden voyage was completed!
maiden flight: los angeles-denver
Screenshots are here!

!(upload://wQTiChMbKGoh06RQuIC1ByWfhMg.jpeg) !(upload://gVXYf4MurYFR1mHiJViyIJWAmKq.jpeg) ![Screenshot_2021-02-22-12-26-43-566_com.fds.infiniteflight|820x37 !


Hey There!
These are some great pictures I must say, however they do violate the rules of #screenshots-and-videos category.

The reason these photos violate the rules are listed below.

  • More than 10 pictures

  • Airport Tags and Player Tags

  • HUD (Heads Up Display) is visible

Please read more below

Other than that, great pictures!


Ok, I’ll delete some photos

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How to delete players and airport tags?

You can go into settings and turn off Aircraft boxes/names, or use the screenshot feature in replay mode, which removes any tags.

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I will take note, thanks!

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So, one of the ways, is going into settings in app, and going down to Live and de-selecting both Airplane Names and Airplane Boxes.

For airport names, go to general and scroll down to Airport names and deselect that as well

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Accepted, next time I will do so.

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Yep! Just some information on what to do next time, other than that, I look forward to seeing some photos from you again soon!

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Next flight to Oshkosh, i hope you see it!

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Nice pictures!!

Thank you!

There is a simple way just go replay mode