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So I have made multiple events before in which only I have attended and then I see topics with tons of people signing up. What can I do to get more people to sign up?

The good ol’ KJFK/KLAX/EGLL flyout never fails.

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Make it a unique airport that hardly no one ever flys to, but is popular in the real world, eg LIRF or WMKK


Ew. This is too much.

I’m actually making an event for LIRF right now lol

Ain’t nobody allowed to steal my idea.

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Try making a video for your flyout maybe. Something unique like this never fails. You could go off of a real life event such as @George_Flack’s Raid Area 51 in IF event.


That was @George_Flack

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Oh sorry 😂

My B! Flack Finick same thing lol

Here’s an event as an example.

It should be nicely formatted, not jumbled up, easy to read.

I was about to say wait a minute. Thanks @Altaria55! 😂

But are “Captain” and “George” though

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I just knew he had a last name similar to Finck

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Many people go to KLAX, right? That’s why I made a Flyout at KSAN, people know it but it’s not as popular as KSAN, I made it have a good varied airlines and routes, and it worked!

It also comes down to variety of routes and airlines that fly there.
If I were to choose between say a Midway and O’Hare flyout, I would probably choose the ORD one because of the variety there.
The only exception would be for truly stunning airports where the airport and the scenery was more of the focus.

In the first case I would review what was different between your event and other events. This can be simple things like the time of day, airports, type of route and flight etc as well as harder things such as presention (pictures on the post) etc.

In the early days of live I used to run a lot of events, these where mainly on routes that I was going to fly anyway at a time of day suitble for me. Alwayys managed to get a lot of people attending. However these days I dont host so many, mainly due to personal life which is more limited as well as a lot of events are a lot more “multi media” in their advertising shich again I dont have time (or all of the skills) needed to make work! Am just here to fly these days!

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