Attn tel aviv ben gurion tower

My name is LYMYT and I was ghosted for entering wrong direction. I believed to be entering to the west like the notam said. And I was still ghosted. This was a challenge since I had no approach guiding me in. I thought I was abiding by coming in from the west, left downwind. I’m trying my very best to learn all the correct procedures. But when on practice mode the ATCs dont always do the correct procedures. I’m super sorry. If you can please explain to me how I can correct myself for next time and if theres any possible way you can un-do my ghost. I promise I will follow what ever instructions you give me. It’s just hard when the grade 2 doesn’t always give the best practice

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Try and check your logbook to see who ghosted you!

It should have a name, and you can PM that controller to find out why you were ghosted or what happened exactly. Or, if you don’t have the trust level, someone would be happy to send a PM on behalf of you!

If you were there in the past 1-2 hrs I was your controller. When I am done controlling I will PM you.

@OL-SARGE Callsign was likely American 81 Heavy. It does appear it was you from what I can see on my end.