ATTN Dallas Area Spotters

Hello IFC, I know there is a lot of Dallas based spotters! Since I don’t remember anyone on the IFC who spots there I was wondering if anyone based in DFW area could either catch myself arriving or departing DFW Friday the 24th. And if anyone knows any DFW spotter and can point me in the right direction that be great! Flight information in pictures as follows:


@Altaria55 @Speedyyy @Texan hello


Thank u for the help

it’s a far drive for me

I would really like to spot you but I’ll be in school during your arrival time

While it does seems fun. Most likely the vast majority of us will be in School at that time

But have fun! And remember, if you have to go between Terminals, the fastest way 98% of the time is the skylink

Goodbye, school.

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Will you be seeing the Turkish 787-9

Hopefully! You?

I wish I could go but I can’t so get me some good pictures please i’ll be watching on flight radar

I’ll try. I’m 70% confirmed to go.

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hehe it sounds like I’m not the only one who’s going to try and spot the Turkish 787-9…

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I will probably be landing east side 17/35 hopefully since I’m coming from the east coast

If you go I’ll probably land and takeoff the east side 17/35 since I’m coming from the east coast

I also surprisingly have a “half day” at school tmrw so that’s why I’m going in the early afternoon.

I think a lot of people spot on the other side as there is a place dedicated to plane spotting but it’s on the West side so…

i will be in school. i can’t spot you. sorry!

Oh not only you, a ton of people!

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my main question is which runway it will be landing on…

The inaugurals tend to be given 18R/36L, but since it’s an eastern arrival, it may also be given one of the 17/35s.