hay guys,I thought we might all need to just need to visit this topic as it has caused many different reactions and seems more common in the community lately. A few minutes a go I created a topic in general by mistake and the comments weren’t that hostile but they Maude me touch upon past incidents. When you comment on posts I just want you guys to think about how it might spark a reaction ( I’m aware of how sad this sounds but it must be said). When creating the emirates VA lots of hard effort was put in with coding and all that effort was wasted within a few hours of the community trashing @ElCapitan ( sorry for this) this not only caused arguments with of the VA group but also clauses him to delete everything and not want to work on it till much later but keep the rights for emirates VA so no one else can start the airline again in his absence. Also another dear friend of mine tried to create a event last year and made a few topic but people gave him a bad reputation due to some me posts and then started critiquing him causing him to quite his membership. So I think all of you who read this should think of how your reaction effects others and should keep in mind we are all aviation lovers and there is no need for this to happen. Sorry to @ElCapitan, the design team and Tom.
Thanks guys😄


I can understand the frustration, but you are dealing with the internet. Cold hard truth. Sorry bud.


Never know some people might change 🤷🏼‍♂️


Great post! Hope everyone reads.


The attitude on this forum is very positive in my opinion (especially in comparison to other forums and websites). However, if there is a topic that is not in the right place, or there’s a comment that is not constructive to the conversation, people will point you out on it, in order to keep this forum organized and civilized.


yes we understand you are referencing my last topic I’m aware it was in the wrong place plus that isn’t the best point as if its in the wrong place people should kindly tell the person the problem not “point you out” or be rude. Also I agree generally the community is very good however sometimes there are problems.

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I agree. There is nothing to quarrel about, just say things nicely.