Attitude indicator off?

Isn’t the triangle near the top of the attitude indicator supposed to move in the direction of the turn? If I’m turning right isn’t it supposed to go to the right and not to the left like it’s going?

no, it’s meant to turn left

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On the Boeing aircrafts?

It’s meant to be like that

Here’s the A350. To my knowledge, the PFD Bank Angle Indicator should point opposite of the turn in accordance with the bank angle.


This is a picture from a real life Boeing 737 full simulator. Seems to be correct with your picture above(?)

Hm interesting after having the A320/350 live cockpit for some time I never noticed it.

I thought it was wrong as the Cessna the arrow would go in the direction of the tour

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No that I noticed it, it looks really weird

damn thats a steep turn there

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