Attention Training Server Users:

If ATC is available it is requested of all pilots to please follow the ATC directions. I was just controlling LAX and not a single pilot was following ATC instructions. that is not only extremely frustrating for me as ATC but also incredibly stressful as you just increased my workload ten fold because now I’ve got to deal with dumbass pilots not listening to my instructions. Please help ATC out and follow instructions on all servers! Thanks.


Welcome to the Training Server. Many of them are there to learn and users not listening is a consequence of the platform being this open. Not to mention, LAX is a gold mine for bad pilots, so if you’re looking for better pilots, try an airport that’s already being used for IFATC training or airports being used by tracking thread controllers.

If you want a platform where you’re able to control with pilots that listen and a way to enforce them, take a look at joining IFATC and controlling on the Expert Server. A link to apply can be found below.

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LAX is one of those airports with trolls. I would suggest controlling at an airport that still gets some attention but shouldn’t have as many trolls. I spend a lot of my ATC time at smaller airports like TNCM, KPSP, KSJC and KSAV


This should be the new message that pops up when you join the training server


If they don’t listen just swipe them off the frequency. That’s what I do all the time now cause I cannot stand this bs anymore. I called for more enforced rule set a few years ago but glad to see after I came back nothing has changed….

Cant an atc give some love to zurich airport. I always departure from there to wherever around europe.☺️

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Well if I find a duo that can also take 2 frequencies and knows what he does we would take over zurich.

The problem is that the way rules are enforced is through violations. Since anyone and everyone is allowed to control a tower on the Training Server, what is preventing the trolls from just handing out violations willy nilly?

The way I’ve always looked at it is that the Training Server is more for ATC training than pilot training. The idiots and trolls learn very quickly when they get that first L2 or L3 violation on the ES.

That would be lovely, its such a nice airport. Let me know if take it over. Im in training server at 40 lands left to get grade 3

Well more an automatic system than handing it manually to prevent trolls.

Just grind landings at KEDW with a tbm

Lemme use this opportunity to acknowledge the controllers at LAX and Heathrow. LAX, you guys do a great job getting me in and out of there despite the little kids zipping around everywhere…Heathrow, you guys are incredible. Such an insane workload…

I realize these are almost always different people (and the same people probably often do both) but the guys I run into have been really good, imo…IFR all the way in almost every time, despite the insanity.

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Nah, do it at KDEN with a XCub… EDW is way too messy, at DEN if you do it right, you can get 6-7 landings in one run of each runway.

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