[Attention] Terminal 1 @ WSSS

When pushing back at Terminal 1’s inner wing, always face north. Else, I’ll repeatedly send you “Pushback approved” to you to indicate to you that you’re facing a dead end


Haha thanks, and I found a sidekick! @Yunkeru lai xD

I was doing some ATC at Kaula lumpur before. Not much traffic so I quit

Riley, there’s this thing I learnt… I learnt to be patient and to wait for the traffic haha you should too! :D

I know. I get bored if I don’t get half the pattern full

Try to be patient haha the traffic builds up slowly

Yeah ok. If ur still at WSSS I’ll pop in for a quick takeoff and landing

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My battery is low haha but perhaps later at 1200Z?

No I can’t soz

Nvm I’ll come in another time

Sure and see you soon! :)

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Are u Antonov?

I loaded in and if it is u I controlled u earlier today

Sir I never fly in PG, I am NatIsrael972 as I am :P That Anton Ivanov guy? Idk why he’s in our area anyway xD

Ok just checking.

I would only fly advanced if there was more ATC

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Yea I know how “secluded” Advanced can be just by looking at LiveFlightApp lol

Yeah. I’m training to be advanced ATC so I’ll make sure we don’t have that problem. Gtg

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