Attention Daredevils!

What is your craziest takeoff or landing?

I had a rather crazzzzzzzy landing in an A380 and a seemingly impossible takeoff in a Cessna 172.

Well before i did a landing and when i was over the runway i put the plane into a climb and let it stall. Then it sank down to the runway and hit at around 2200 feet per minute

One time I was trying to land an A380 and for some unknown reason I just started spinning like I was doing donuts down the runway. I didn’t come off the runway but man it would have looked so funny from the tower’s Window.

None of my take-offs and landings are crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: haha but seriously, I can’t think of any :grin:

One time I wanted to try stall recovery. I took off normally and circle-climbed up to 30k feet. I cut the throttles and pulled up on the yoke and stalled the a/c. At around 15k feet I tried throttled up and pushed the nose forward.

I was unsuccessful.

I landed an A380 at Saba at night in solo mode

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I can’t tell you how many times I have done that.

Has anyone else taken off in parking without braking 35kts Gs?

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What do you mean taken off in parking

Take off as in leave the ground and gain altitude. It’s tricky but awesome.

Take off as in leave the ground and gain altitude. It’s tricky but awesome.

I’ve tried to do a loop from lift off and land again I’m the f 14, nose dived into the ground at vs 7400

Oh I’ll try that in the F-22.

Let me know what’s happens haha

Tower told me off for aerobatics lol. Super awesome.

Okay who’s up for piggyback rides?

lol,you should try that with a boeing 737,i climbed to 45,000 ft and shifted the rudder left to right till my plane spun in mid air, man that was a crazy stall, opened flaps to full, increase then decrease throttle while still spinning and activate air brakes…it was pretty fun cause i was in cockpit view at the time and i was determined not to fail in a recovery, i recovered at about 10-15k feet and landed at the nearest airport. lol if they’re were passengers they would have my head that day XD