Attention All Pilots: Slow Down On Advanced Server

As Tom said, it will be one warning to reduce speed, then ghost.

I will be working with Matt, the developer, to have this turned into a violation on the Advanced Server rather than ATCs job to monitor all traffic for speed.


Man I should of read while I was just controlling 😡


You need ALL your focus on controlling Brandon.


Not many peoples know about this, even who hv xp more than hundred thousand, but still in hurry or they dont know… :D

@Mark_Denton can you make this active for PG? Or no?

Great, thanks.

We considered doing this for the PG but there is no way to enforce this and there is no ghosting.


Its about time someone made this announcement, therefore I thank you very much @Mark_Denton.
I just wish there was a way for non-community members to see this.

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@Tyler_Shelton ok

There should be a community promotional ad on the loading screen of IF


I just did a flight in Singapore (actually I saw you there too) and I was cruising at FL380 at around 510-520 kts GS which was about a 270 knot airspeed. Auto-throttle was at 0.89 Mach. So yeah @PlanesForLife, no two flights are the same. Your ground speed may be the same but your airspeed will change under different conditions.


I was just there, didn’t see you

Making this into a violation would be excellent and will make controllers’ job so much easier! Great idea.

Isn’t airspeed more important here? You could be going at a slower GS with a strong headwind and exceed Vfc. It would be better for Matt to code in a violation for exceeding Vfc, Vmo, Vne.


But that would involve coding for VNE in every plane. Also, if a pilot exceeds VNE, that’s his problem. This is more about making controllers’ job easier.

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I do not agree with this rule where we suddenly say “we will now ghost anyone who exceeds this arbitrary number”.


Well, that’s why a warning is issued. IRL, pilots would never go 600+ knots GS, and the Advanced Server is about realism and good piloting skills.

I think this should change to airspeed. Because ground speed varies …