Attention all mods

I am relatively new to this and I have been yelled at be mods several times for posting things in the wrong category because I’m a tl1 and stuff like that and i
Was wondering if on here the mods could list out some rules and let the community know how to keep them happy
after all they are the only ones who know how to keep them happy and it could make the community a better place and that’s all we really want right?


Hi. Welcome to the forum. Please have a browse of some of the topics below. They are useful guides and collections of information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

You can also read the About section of each category.

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

Respect on the Forum

The following two are guides for pilot and atc tutorials. The will link you to specific information that may be of use. The tutorials are created by FDS staff members.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide


Read this and follow everything listed. Make sure your posts are constructive and mature.


It really comes down to a few things.

  • be nice to others
  • post constructive topics. The forum is not a chatroom or Facebook
  • you need to be TL2 to post in features and real world aviation.
  • search before you post to make sure it’s not a duplicate.
  • do not abuse the 20 character rule.

If this did not help you enough, then I really don’t know what to say. Just read through all of these thoroughly and you should become an expert when it comes to the forum.


😳 @Chris_S I thought you had Kelly under control


@Lamborghini_Husky Listen and follow our guidelines and protocol set by the staff, make meaningful posts and treat everyone good around here and I can assure you that your stay here will be enjoyable.


Forget specifics.

Take life.

When you’re new to a situation, do you sit back and get a feel for the place? Or do you cuss out the CEO on Monday morning?

It’s just common sense.

Instead of diving head long into any and everything, investigate. Search. See what has been posted before, figure out the different personalities.

Don’t just race in blindfolded on your first day on the job and start changing server settings.

It’s not really specific to this forum. That’s just overall normal human interaction.


Welcome to the community, glad to have you

Listen to mods if they close your topic don’t open a new one on the same exact thing without their permission. follow those guidelines correct post for correct topic make sure you read the whole thread before asking a question that might have already been answered, also greatly appreciated if you hep out when you can in support if you have encountered the issue being dealt with Also remember if you aren’t at the trust level for features and ETC don’t post in general. this is not specific to you but ive seen too much of it in the past couple days please dont ask when any updates are going to come out as no one knows :)

Once again glad to have you enjoy your stay

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I am you could say ambitious with things such as aviation 🙄

That’s no excuse for breaking our set forum guidelines. As outlined, sit back, get a feel for things, then when you’re ready to be a constructive forum member, we’ll all be here waiting for you.


Word em up! What he said ☝️☝️☝️☝️


Ambition can turn quickly into overstepping the bounds of propriety quite easily.

You have to dampen you outward incarnations of that enthusium and replace it with reading the room.

George Carlin didn’t have his first gig on HBO. It was in some crummy basement with 5 people in the audience ignoring him. He was ambitious too. But he knew enough to take the time to navigate the arena and to learn from the veterans.


I attempt to be in my best efforts but considering I have to wait 4 days to become tl2 as all other requirements are at least quadrupled by me right now I am a bit excited

Why do you think I made this thread

This is not a long period of time. I don’t even have to check to know your age group.

It only gets worse from here on out, so you might learn to live it now, because adulting? Instant gratification isn’t likely.


Yes well I have great prior knowledge of aviation and this very much excites me

Yes I very much agree.

@Lamborghini_Husky just follow the rules we posted above and if you have any questions, you can PM me or any of my fellow regulars and or mods. They’ll help you out. 😉

Yeah I realized that when misha yelled at me earlier and that is why I made this thread so other newbies don’t get yelled at

It is very specific to me

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That’s great, but you need to help us help you. Just behave within our guidelines and you’ll find the the IFC is actually very inviting and a fun place to be. :)

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