{Attendants needed} Springs In Action @ LIRF - 021400ZMAR19

Welcome to my very first event. Spring is rolling in and we are preparing for the hot weather. So come and fly with us from LIRF-LEBL.


Server: Training

Airport: LIRF

Time: 1400Z

Aircraft: Vueling A320

NOTAMS: Departing runway 34L at LIRF. Landing at runway 25R at LEBL.

Cruise: FL300

Speed 240kts below FL100. 300kts above FL100

Flight plan: TBA

Join in the comments with desired gate, I will give you the gate once I have confirmed that gate is free.
ATC is open to join Maximum 2 operations for 1 person

LIRF Ground: @samdog27
LIRF Tower:
LIRF Departure:

LEBL Ground:
LEBL Tower: @samdog27
LEBL Approach:

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FCO has parallel 34 runways. please indicate which one you are using.

and no i do not want a gate but good luck

ok will do now

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Hello if anyone wants to help with the event please pm me as I’m looking for some interest in this event

I would like to get a gate

I do this flight like every year twice or three times
It’s my home airport LEBL

You can have gate 703

Cool be there

See you there

Nice finally have event with my favorite route

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Looking forward to see you there (please help spread the event)

Can I take Ground in LIRF and Tower in LEBL please!

Nice @samdog27 love to hear that

Thanks! I can’t wait!

Will add you now

This event is unfortunately closed due to lack of interest however I will be flying this route tomorrow at the same time. @samdog27 @Swiftlings_17

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what date is this

Tomorrow 1400z

sorry i can’t make then

Sorry I can’t join I got VA event