Attempting to make a plane in 3DS max

I attend a school called MST, which has a Game Design and Graphics class which I attend to. We use 3DS Max to make simple game elements like Furniture, and then export as a UV map to use on Photoshop to texture them. After all that’s finished, we then would export it as a .OBJ to use in Unreal Engine 4.

I wanted to make a side project and decided to push myself to the limit by creating a simple tri-jet plane that will look similar to a DC-10, but narrowbody. This won’t be easy, but I want to attempt it. I probably won’t finish it, but here is what I have so far. I plan on adding winglets to the ends of the wing tips, which will be a challenge.


Looks cool! Excited to see where you take this! Good Luck!


Maybe FDS will hire you if you pull through ;)

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MST is like SST, right?

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MST: Manchester School of Technology.

I think what you have there is good enough.


What do you mean? It’s not even completed.

It’s a joke…

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Minor update. I’m looking up tutorials on how to make the cockpit and the tail section. Changed some stuff up a bit.

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Those engines are huge! It looks great!

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No IF or real world.