Attempting to land the A350 at Paro! @VQPR 111655ZDEC19

Welcome, to the challenge of the day!

Today’s group flight will not be any flight… It’ll be a challenge at the same time!
We’ll be flying the worlds most challenging approach! Typically, A320’s and Atr’s land here, but we’ll try it with an A350 😏

About Paro Airport


Route: VNKT (kathmandu) – VQPR (Paro)
Spawn anywhere in VNKT
Server: Casual
Time: 2019-12-11T13:55:00Z
Aircraft and Livery: Any Preferred A350 livery.
Copy My flight plan
Please use Unicom sensibly.

Please use this approach chart:

See you there!


If anyone is coming, spawn now!

Coming!Am i late?

Yes, sorry but you are late :( Meant to start more then half an hour Ago!

Did anyone show up?

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Nope, no one did 😂

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Hey was wanna see me try?

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