Attempting to beat the world record for the longest flight

Hey Infinite flight fans!
I am attempting to break the world record for the longest flight in infinite flight with the previous record 45hr and 54min by flying around the world two time in a 787-10 for 68hr and 45min without counting the refueling along the way.
Feel free to fly beside me.

You can follow me on infiniteflight tracker app,
Username: Calaero
A/C Reg: 78710
Speed: M 0.90
Current Flight time: 28hr :32min

You can post your progress in this thread.

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Hoe do I PM you?

Live link

To PM me, you go to my profile and press “message”, but unfortunately you are a TL0(new user) and you must be a TL1(basic user) to PM users of the IFC.
To go up Trust Levels(TL), just continue to be active, like posting and liking other post and you make it to the next TL in no time.

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Oh, that suck but make sense.

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