Attempting The Longest Flight non stop

Hi All,

Ever since the update for infinite flight global it has become much easier to fly for longer hours with minimal effort, thats why im planning to do the longest flight without touching down on an airport. My target is 78 hours but doesnt mean i will stop at 78 hours i might go on for 200 hours if i feel like it. It is possible for me to do, before infinite flight global i flew 22 hours non stop, (although i did cheat a little by letting my brother fly while i was resting)

Many of you may ask how are you going to refuel and the simple answer is aerial refueling, the plane i will be flying will is the dc10 USAF tanker or the VC-25 (if it has the capability to refuel in mid air). Which means im going to have to ask some people in the community to help me achieve this goal. I will need 5 volunteers to help me. 3 volunteers to refuel my plane every 26 hours and 2 volunteers who have infinite flight tracking thingy to update the tankers of my location in game. (In emergency situations the 3 tankers are not available they must be able to refuel me aswell). Please note that it will take alot of your time which could range from 30mins to 3 hours. The 5 volunteers must always be on alert as i might need emergency refuelling. One last thing you need is discord in order to be able to talk to each other.

If you are interested to join we will have a practice run at some point next month. I still do not know when the attempt will take place if you think you wont have time please dont bother to join


Good luck! I think the current record is 43 hours or something crazy like that. I don’t know how you guys attempt these, I can’t leave my phone on for 12 hours and not do anything but watch the flight.


I wish you the best of luck, but I don’t think your phone would be capable of running a 78 hour flight.

Same phone i used for my 22 hour

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OMG, I just remembered that this isn’t real life, planes in IF could fly for like…ever and that’s pretty amazing.

Dude, 78 hours and 22 hours is a huge difference, like a 56 hour difference…


I am not here to rant on Apple or Android but I guarantee you any Android phone or iPhone could not do that flight, the game would crash.

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Ok let me unpack this right here.

First neither the KC10 nor any other aircaft in IF has a 26hour durability. Second you dont need 5 volunteers because you can only refuel the aircraft to the equivalent of 3 full tanks in air. Finally the KC10 which has the longest durability of all the refuelable aircraft only has a durability of 19 hours maximum and that would put you 2 hours short of 78 hours.

22 hours post global is a different monster. You are constantly using your RAM on your device. Also going for 78 hours? Good luck. As someone who holds the record for longest legitimate non stop flight. 46 hours was incredibly difficult and backing out of the game risks your progress at longer hours as your device is more likely to crash.

Now this is the biggest sign you probably will not make it. Not having a plan before hand of where you plan on refueling is just asking for a disaster. You also have to coordinate the time with when both you and the other person will be awake and when for the other person to take off or meet up with you. And even with the ping improvements in the last update you still are going to need to fly the aircraft manually and that will take 1 hour of handflying at least with a nearly empty tank.


Saying “you probably wont make it” is not doing ANYTHING to help OP. OP will try and it may work. Its just his calculations!

Clesrly you dont understand constructive criticism and error checking. If OP goes on false expectations he will fail. Pointing out flaws in his plan and how they are flaws is always helpful.


You have a point there bud thanks for addressing it. I didnt bother to right the details of the flight as the topic would get tooo long and boring, second even if my phone crashes at least i racked up alot hours or something beating my old record, thats the most important thing. All i ask is for some volunteers who are willing to do it. I will then tell them the details. Te trials next month will hopefully reveal problems and hopefully i can fix them for the actual flight. Im not perfect im a fellow human being like you i will get some things wrong.


No prpbelm just wanted to address some errors that you needed pointed out before you attempt it. Best of luck

I want to refeul but I dont have discord!😬 Skype is posible.

Hmm we need to be able to contact each other i geuss we can work something out maybe have a vote between skype or discord or maybe both

I wish you the best of luck in your attempt- many are going to doubt you- I have faith in you, don’t let me down :)


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