Attempting the Longest Flight Ever (I think)

I am currently attempting the longest flight ever. There are no refueling stops and it is from Singapore to Miami in a Boeing 777-200LR.
You can find me on live tracker under the names
Callsign: N943AY
Flying Air Austral
Wish me Luck! I can’t do anything else on my phone :(


I will be keeping you guys updated if you cant find me

Are you step climbing? Hopefully you’ll make it post it here!

I’ve already reached cruising altitude, you can find me on Liveflight

@NoSocialLife I got you pulled up of LiveFlight. Good Luck with this flight

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What server are you on?

Training, I’m only grade 2. I recently finished a flight from EGLL to KIAD!

I can’t find you, where are you now??

Sadly, the Autopilot glitched, and the plane crashed
I will be attempting this again in a few hours, so say tuned on this thread.

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I hope you make it

Someone once did a longest continuous flight in a C130, which could be refueled.

Idea perhaps?


How many hours do you intend it to be?

Because I’ve done this before and this flight is only 20 hours long, so you might wanna change the title to something less clickbaity, because the current non-stop flight record is 71 hours, and the longest without refueling is 54 hours


anybody want to do a flight with me using aerial refueling?

I would but I don’t know how to do aerial refueling.

Over halfway there! I’m over the arctic circle right now if you want to track me. I’m flying Emirates this time!

I have around 7 and a half hrs to go!

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I didn’t know Emirates did Miami to Singapore 🤔🤨

Me neither, btw due to time changes and the fact that I am busy, I have changed my destination to something further away. This new airport is Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica

What’s the flight number that Emirates use for this flight?

I am N943AY

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