Attempting SYD - ZRH in a SWISS B77W

After indulging in nostalgia of the old Austrian Airlines Flights from Vienna to Sydney (with a stop Singapore or Kuala lumpur) I have decided to try the (nearly) impossible myself.

I will try to fly a SWISS B777-300ER with 42 Pax, minimal cargo and all the fuel I can take from Sydney to Zurich. My calculations show that all the B777-200LR, B777-200ER and B777-300ER should be able to make that distance without load (fingers crossed).

Cruising altitude will be 36k going up to 43.1k with Mach 0.84. (Suggestions and reasons why I should change either are always welcome with proper reasoning)

I have taken off just a few minutes ago and you will be able to follow me on LiveFlight for the next approximately 19 hours of flight time. Call sign is the usual G-NICK.

Wish me luck.


Good luck, happy landings!!! :)


I see you! Here is a pic.


You probably weren’t at your device two hours into your flight, but I decided to a fly-by over the Northern Territory of Australia.

This was somewhere near Alice Springs

Good luck, safe landings


lol - i’m coming for ya


Great picture mate! Yeah I was already asleep at this time :P



I’m now already more than halfway into the route and climbed to 43.1k feet, currently facing strong winds with 110kts, if they don’t drop to 80-90 knots soon I won’t be able to make it :P

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Good Luck, I hope you make the trip :)


P.S Click on the photo for full quality


Thanks @Ethan11! Great pic, I have made one too! I tried waving with the wings a bit, I hope you saw it :P

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I have climbed to 45k feet stretching the max altitude for the 77W of 43.1k so I can save some fuel. And it seems I can make it now :P I expect to land in about 9 hours.


I noticed your wing movement and gathered it was an acknowledgement towards me :))


Typically for commercial flights on 77Ws with a heavy load (including fuel uplifted) and flying westerly routes, pilots would step climb as follows: FL320, FL340, FL360 and top off at FL380. It is quite uncommon to see 77Ws flying FL400 and above. Based on this, I think you shouldn’t try to reach the maximum operating altitude of the 77W if you’re targeting fuel efficiency.

To back this up, there are literally no 77Ws tracked on FR24 flying at altitudes of FL400 and above at this moment (281339Z).

Not sure if IF simulates the decrease in efficiency when flying at the extremes of the aircraft’s flight envelope.


Have you landed yet Mr. @Nick_Art. I want to know if your still in the air or not.


He said he would land in about 9 hours, 3 hours ago… 😂

Quick Mathematical skills should do the trick 😂


He’s flying right over the Caspian Sea at the moment.


Yes, that’s what I kinda did, but “normal” B77Ws are to heavy to climb to 43k and compared to 39k this is a huge improvment in fuel consumption even when only rising 2k feet and I mean I’m pretty empty already so hence I did it. And I think I wouldn’t have done it if I stayed at 39k feet ;)


I’m still in the air and am now passing above Baku and Tibilisi where I just encountered a beautiful sunset. ;) I will land at about 1900 Zurich local time.


Good luck and happy landings!

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Alrighty. I’m coming to see you right now. I’m right now cruising with my F-14 to intercept you.

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I have touched down at LSZH Rwy 14 at approximately 19:08 local time with 6% fuel remaining (8257kg). After having taken off at 0858 local time in Sydney (2258CET+1) with a load of 2025 kg of cargo and 42 passengers (3234kg) and flying a distance of over 9000NM and with a flight time of 20 hours and 10 minutes I safely landed in ZRH at 1908 local time.

Photos and documentation of the flight will follow soon.

As of now I can proudly say this is probably the longest documented flight with the B777-300ER on this forum.

PS: 12229 XP was earned with this single flight