Attempting my longest flight yet

As of writing this, it is 00:51 in the UK, where I live. I’m holding short of Heathrow’s 09R runway making final preperations for takeoff, but no ordinary takeoff-

One that will mark the start of what is going to be my longest flight ever.

Out of my 884 in-sim hours, my longest flights typically consist of 8-10 hour flights, nothing compared to what I’m about to do.

My flight will take me from midnight (now) to when I arrive home from school. Hopefully by then I can post an update on if it was a success or not.

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Livery: Qantas
Route: (EGLL-YPPH)

Callsign: Qantas 275

Sorry if this isn’t material that should be posted bur as it will be a pretty big achievement for me, I just wanted to share my excitement with the community :)


Oh, I did 20 once, good luck!



I’d suggest you put this in the following thread and update us throughout your journey.

Let us know how it goes 😊



I thought that my post belonged somewhere special as it was my longest one yet. I’ll let the mods decide, but thanks for the suggestion :)

Good luck I probably have canceled in the first 5 minutes


Best of luck. Actually getting ready to start my own longest flight LFPG-LAX with a turn around to EHAM gonna be a long next few days

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Update: App crashed. I will re-attempt in 18 hours approximately.

Erm…rip… you were only like 7 hours in.


I can’t help it when my iPad crashes. It’s a pretty old one so yeah.

Have you had IF app crashes during flight before? Or did you iPad crash?

I have had IF app crashes issue during flights and during controlling, and I’ve seen it elsewhere on this Forum. In my case, I resolved this by removing and re-installing the IF app.
Also, before you depart, you want to clear your scenery cache, in Settings > General.

Are you aware that the 787 is a medium-haul aircraft? I doubt if you can fly this far with the 787. I would suggest for you to grab a 777-ER or, even better, a 777-LR aircraft.

And then, there’s step climb of course. You will need to fly close to max cruise altitude, which means you need to make a step climb. Search this Forum if you want info on this.

Good luck!

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Qantas flies their 787-9 to Heathrow from Perth and back. The 787 isn’t really a medium haul aircraft…


In reply to @Panther and @azeeuwnl -

The 787-9 is perfectly capable of flying the distance I was going to fly. And I will remember to clear my scenery cache next time :) thanks for the help!


@Cpt.TC regarding your flight plan, I think you should use SimBrief, because QF10 flies close to OMDB.
You don’t need to of course, but it will help a lot, calculating winds, fuel and weight (PAX and cargo)

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my longest flight was 14:50

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I don’t think a 787 could handle this. You might need a larger plane like the 777. Try to find the real life route, and see what aircraft they use.

They do use the B789 IRL as QF9 and QF10.


The 787-9 is perfectly capable, and is used in real life for this route.

On wich Server do you do it?

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Expert server. I will start in 15 hours at 0000z.

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2am in the morning for me…
Can’t watch the takeoff but maybe the landing.😊

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