Attempting an atlantic crossing in the F22 [LANDED]

There are pretty crazy winds over the atlantic right now so I’m attempting a crossing in the F22. Hopefully this goes well. Callsign C51LSK, CYYT (Saint Johns) to EINN (Shannon).


Good luck brave soldier

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Good luck! I am unsure if you can actually make it, always trying flying on one jet.


I’m trying too.

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Hope you read my guide, because according to the Raptor’s ferry range in IF, your best stop would probably be Iceland.

Edit: just realized that we got some pretty similar distances here. I think you probably could make it if the tailwinds favor you


FL320, 71% power (max without afterburners). Currently almost at 1500GS cuz winds. Usually only goes to 1400. Looks like it’s doable.

Yeah I can make it cuz I might get close to 150 wind.

You can’t make it with full thrust lol
Try reducing to 71 N1. Not sure if too late for you right now though.

Full thrust might actually help, as after Engine Flame-Out, Higher Altitude + More Speed = More Glide.

No in F22 the fuel burn is linear until you get over 71% thrust so that’s what I’m maintaining. You can get 1400 range on a normal day that way.

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Successfully landed! Literally ran out of fuel on the ground but the F22 can actually ‘glide’ on ground at 30 kts lol


What route did you do? Take off? Landing?

CYYT-EINN. It’s in the post

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Thanks, missed that! :-)

Wot. That’s amazing! How do you find these winds?


@tinytinnytin probably :)

SkyVector lol I actually added a point in the middle of the route

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