Attempted hijacking

The hijacking attempt failed, but forced the flight to make an emergency landing. 142 people on board, no one injured.


Wow 2 aviation incidents this weekend


How hard is it to get into a cockpit in the air now days?


Could you add more information in the post besides the news article?


Dang, a second event in less than 24 hours. Not a good start for aviation this year.


Please, don’t bother saying that… I’m pretty sure people have said that for the past 20 years…

Just read this post:


The suspect died of injuries in a shootout with police.

Wasn’t happy to see this when I woke up, especially after the Altas Air crash.

Not true, suspect died in a shootout


It’s impossible to get in there anyways the doors are bomb proof and bulletproof no chance at all.

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Oh My!! What!? My home country’s national flag carrier is now the subject of getting hijacked… Well the story is rather interesting and has connection politically since things are shaky down there in Bangladesh as of now, especially after the recent election and the revelation of one of four 777’s leased is still in Vietnam waiting for repair, costing the country’s citizen millions which are tax money paid to the corrupt government.

Extras Inside Info/Details - Mainly Speculations but Interesting and Intriguing to know about!!: According to Bangladeshi media news outlets, there are speculations about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina set this up to make the citizens pay their attention towards this incident so people will forget about the BDR (Border Guards) where of their leaders got murdered a 10 years ago. The day death of these leaders is due to tomorrow on Feb 25th, and till today no answers have been given why the officers were brutally murdered. You may search after Bangladesh Rifles revolt to know more about this. Many suspects that the government is behind this and since the government didn’t like the BDR, who worked against illegal smuggling, they turned their lifeline off.

Now most of this speculation, but much of it is true, as a lot has been leaked, there a quite a few pieces of evidence out there suggesting the government laying behind the reason of the BDR’s fall. And how this got linked with the hijack, well the poor guy was a scapegoat to make us Bangladeshi’s forget about the horrible event 10 years ago.



How scary it must have been for the passengers, especially if they saw the shootout happen 😨. Good on the crew, military, and first responders that got there and saved the passengers. Any news of how the armed individual got through security and on to the aircraft?

Jeez 2 aviation incidents in 2 days! 2019 is not looking good.

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It’s already been mentioned several times over the last 24 hours, but don’t mistake Recency Biases for statistics or coincidence for causation:

These two incidents are unrelated (I promise the hijacking was planned well before the plane went down yesterday). They’re both fresh in our minds, but that is not the same as accounting for more statisticstical weight.

The graph has already been posted several times, but it seems no one wants to look at it. Please look at it above or in the Houston thread.

Statistically-speaking, these last two years, which everyone keeps declaring as statistical outliers, are nothing of the kind. By any measure, air travel is still safer than it has been at almost any time in its history. Just because there are two incidents fresh in our minds doesn’t mean we get to use Annecdotal Biases to bump statistical data out of the way.

And, as I’ve asked before, how many of you declaring aviation disaster eras think twice before getting in automobiles? Probably very few. Yet, MVAs are the leading cause of unnatural death. And we think nothing of driving every day.


I wish that all airlines would do what Spirit does and blockade the cockpit door with the cart when talking to the pilots.

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It’s even worse if you could the plane that went missing in the British channel.the two surya Kiran planes crashing at aeroindia airshow…

It’s pretty much impossible, but the door isn’t exactly bulletproof. You could shoot through it with a powerful pistol round like a 44 Mag or 50 AE, but breaking in is pretty much impossible.

Do other countries not use Air Marshals?

The only airline I think that is well known that has Air Marshalls is El Al

2nd aviation incident in such a short time?!

Almost impossible, the doors on aircraft now are super strong and among the safest doors in the world. It would take a lot of time and effort to open one.

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