Attempt the impossible at KIAH

Fog is very bad with less than 100m visibility. Attempt if you want but it is very dangerous.


This isn’t the weather channel; let’s try and avoid these type of topics please. Thanks


Wait this isn’t the weather channel?


Your post is like telling people not to touch the red button. People here are going to try KIAH out and see if they can make to the runway.

Well thanks for telling me the condition at KIAH, going to IF now to try it out. 🤗

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Ok direct me to the weather reporting area then!

Last time a moderator told me off and said instead of telling people try it I should warn people to not go to the airport

Tecnichallu thisnis live reporting area and this is a live report so… ya

Telling people not to try it out is telling them to try it out. Have you heard of reverse psychology? Just don’t say anything, KIAH isn’t popular airport anyway.

Well I tried it out and forget it, it’s impossible to see anything. It’s just white screen and plane is all white. Couldn’t find the taxiway to guide the plane.


Please stop.