Attempt #1 at Aerial Refuelling

It has been a long time since Aerial refueling was added to IF and in my opinion, it is one of the best features of IF. Here is my first attempt at aerial refueling. A huge thanks to all the pilots @USCG_Virtual for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

Location- Off the coast of California
Departure ICAO- KEDW
Aircraft- KC10 Tanker and F22 Raptor

Leaving the ramp at Edwards AFB as a KC10 tanker spools over runway 6R.

Aligning my raptor with the KC10 to commence refueling

Beatiful Scenery above California!

Getting closer!

Great pilot whom I met while flying!


Final Approach into Runway 6R at KEDW

Back to where we started!

The end!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and please rate them!

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You gotta try this!


whoa…definitely…didn’t take shots close up to the tanker. Btw which location is this? Stunning scenery! Alaska maybe?

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it’s a secret🤫

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great picture!

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