Attaining TL2

Before any of you flag this for being a duplicate or some other reason, hear me out. Now I know that there are quite a few topics in here for attaining TL2. Whenever someone asks how to get to TL2, every answer includes a link to the info on another site. I read somewhere on IFC that the requirements for attaining trust levels were updated from default. Because of this, I have two questions:

  1. Can anyone confirm that requirements for TL2 were updated from the default?
    answer this question first. if the answer is “no, the requirements were not changed” ignore the second question.

  2. What are the EXACT requirements for attaining TL2?

Why not ask a moderator?

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I don’t think they can change how it works…

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I am sorry but this is flag worthy. The discourse website outlines the exact requirements and as such this post is a duplicate.

according to discourse, the requirements for attaining trust levels can be changed. as to who on IFC has access to do so, i dont know. @philippe did make a topic that outlined changes to TL3 requirements earlier this year. i simply want to know if the same has been done for TL2 and, if it has, what those updated requirements are

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yes, the discourse website outlines the default requirements for attaining trust levels. but that still doesnt answer my first question. and if the answer to my first question is “yes, the requirements were changed” that subsequently would mean that discourse no longer is useful for finding those requirements. thats why i have the second question as well.

Check that Changes to Trust Levels And the discourse website

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I actually would like to know these things, for my own knowledge. Unfortunately, there is nowhere on this site or outside of it, that tells the current requirements. So personally, I don’t think it needs a flag. I’d like to know it, but apparently mods don’t like to tell you, but that may have changed. It would be nice to have a topic about the requirements for each trust level.

  1. Yes, the requirements for TL2 have been updated from the default Discourse ones.
  2. The exact requirements for attaining TL2 isn’t given out to the public. The reason for this is that we want people to be active, contribute meaningful things, and be helpful. If you meet those, you should have no issue progressing to TL2. Contrary to what many people think, leveling up really isn’t the point here. Publicizing the requirements would only let people level up easier without actually positively contributing to the forum.

Side note, using excessive caps with bold doesn’t look good. :)


That was the post by philippe that I have already read and even mentioned an hour ago.