Hi everyone. I’m currently working in KPSP near KLAX. Feedback highly appreciated

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I wouldn’t recommend controlling on SoCal TS1. Too many noobs.


Also, if you think you’re going to control multiple times, I suggest a tracking thread:


Also, dont do it like Aussie_Cockatoo’s.


Well you’d know. Bye🙄


On my way ! N80991 see you there

Where u flying from?

Okay… here is my feedback

  1. You told everyone in my gate to pushback/taxi at the same time and you didn’t use any hold/give way commands which are crucial to prevent collisions. You need to have more situational awareness when controlling.

  2. You cleared me for take off and I had told you I was remaining in the pattern but didn’t give me a right/left traffic.

  3. As I was on left downwind, you cleared me for a frequency change… touch and go= NO frequency change

  4. You don’t really have an understanding of how sequencing works and your pattern legs which is fine for a new used but I suggest you watch the ATC Tutorials :)


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@Stephen_Michael cheers bro! I actually didn’t expect there to be THAT many aircrafts so I selected ground as well as Tower. Sorry for approving frequency change I was just trying to get rid of planes departing which were quite far away)
Anyway thanks!

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