ATR72-600 and more turboprops

This is my favourite aircraft at the moment. Would be nice to see it in IF along with a few more regional turboprop planes. I much prefer this kind of flying to the big jets.

Duplicate topic, please search before posting!

I did search

Message to OP: Hi d3v1, welcome to the forum! I would love to see new turboprops, especially an ATR 72, but as already indicated, there’s already a topic on that. Also, there’s a one-feature request per topic rule. No worries though, you’ll get the hang of the place soon enough.

Message to Regulars: As this request is for features, it should go in the Features category. However, it is violated 2 rules so should remain in general.

Sorry. I checked my search again. When I searched I must haved added the “-600” and not seen the other topic