ATR chopped by 737

That was very close to disaster…


Wow, that’s nuts

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I´ll assume Ground was a bit distracted and didn´t notice the 737-800 moving towards the ATR.



you just made my day :D


I’m sensing lots of Lawyers giving out business cards

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Fortunately everyone on both planes has survives


Nasty accident! Glad no one hurt. Not picked up on PPRUNE yet.

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Thank goodness no one was hurt on the 737 or the ATR.That type of damage to the 737’s wing downed the GOL 737 that collided with the Embraer.

I remember that one and don’t forget this accident its very similar and people actually died on tis one

Wow… Controllers need to see @Tyler_Shelton tutorial a bit!

I don’t think Progressive covers that…

pop some duct tape on it, should be fine!

“grit spit and a whole lot of duck tape” “should take 6-9 months”. Perfectly sums up the situation

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